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CANCER: Increasing Your Odds for Survival. This Emmy-nominated documentary, hosted by Walter Cronkite, is designed to help people survive cancer. It provides vital information which cancer patients and their families need to make informed decisions. The documentary and book deliver a comprehensive overview of the disease, treatments, latest developments, organizations and resources to assist cancer patients in doing all they can to win their fight against cancer, as well as, improve the quality of their lives.

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CANCER: Increasing Your Odds for Survival Documentary - Description and Contents

CANCER: Increasing Your Odds for Survival is a four hour public television series hosted by Walter Cronkite. It is specifically designed to provide a jumpstart of information useful to surviving cancer patients and those who love them. It is an overview of topics pertinent to survival from leading cancer experts and cancer survivors. Experts such as Doctors Bernie Siegel, Lawrence LeShan, Joan Borysenko and Stephen Levine, as well as doctors and scientist from the National Cancer Institute and the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center. It is divided into four, one-hour shows-- Diagnosis & Empowerment, Treatments, Mind/Body Interventions, and Spirituality and Mortality.

The first two hours of the series focus on the physical dimensions of the disease and includes information on dealing with the shock of diagnosis; empowerment; second opinions and support; and information on mainstream physical interventions, alternative and complementary treatments.

The last two hours of the series focus on non-physical interventions and aspects of the disease which include mind/body science and therapies; the psychological dimensions of cancer; supplemental therapies like meditation, imagery, affirmation, humor, psychotherapy; the spiritual aspects of the disease; spontaneous remission; and death, dying and terminal care.

The series offers a new way of looking at disease that can increase the quality of life and potentially the duration of life as well.

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Part I- Dealing with Cancer

- Understanding Cancer
What is Cancer
Stages of Cancer
Five Year Survival Rates
Who Survives
-Dealing with Cancer
Dealing with the shock of diagnosis
Second Opinions
Obtaining Appropriate Treatment
Choosing a Hospital
Comprehensive Cancer Centers
Cancer Information Service
Physician Data Query-PDQ
Communicating with Your Doctor
Dealing with Hospitals
-Living with Cancer
The Family
Support Groups and Counseling

Part II-Treatment

-Conventional Treatment
Clinical Trials
-Conventional Advances
for Tumor Aggressiveness
Chemotherapy Sensitivity Testing
New Directions
New Therapies
Timing of Chemotherapy
Timing of Breast Cancer Surgery
-Alternative and Supplemental Treatments
The Immune System
Supplements and Herbs
-Alternative Treatments
Burzynski Clinic
714-X (Gaston Nassens)
a Treatment
Evaluating Alternatives Combining Approaches

Part III- Mind/Body Interventions

-Mind/Body Science
-Mind/Body Therapies
Humor and Healing
-Psychological Aspects of Cancer
Cancer Personality
Finding Your Song-A New Therapeutic Approach
Self Love
Saying No
Finding a Therapist

PartIV - Spirituality and Mortality

-Cancer and Spirituality
Spontaneous Remissions
A Higher Power
Love and Prayer
Internal Wisdom
-Cancer and Mortality
Letting Go
Life and Death

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