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CANCER: Increasing Your Odds for Survival. This Emmy-nominated documentary, hosted by Walter Cronkite, is designed to help people survive cancer. It provides vital information which cancer patients and their families need to make informed decisions. The documentary and book deliver a comprehensive overview of the disease, treatments, latest developments, organizations and resources to assist cancer patients in doing all they can to win their fight against cancer, as well as, improve the quality of their lives.

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Recommended Reading

There are many good books on cancer which have been included as resources for the various topics in the resource guide. The following are a few of the best books I highly recommend.

For information on dealing with understanding cancer, dealing with the diagnosis, doctors, insurance, conventional treatment, and other issues facing cancer patients and their families:

Choices, by Marion Morra and Eve Potts (Avon Books, 1994)

A Cancer Survivors Almanac: Charting Your Journey, by the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship edited by Barbara Hoffman, JD (Chronimed, 1996)

For information on combining conventional and complementary treatment approaches:

Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer by Michael Lerner ( MIT Press, 1996). This book can be viewed in it's entirety on the internet at:

For those looking into alternative and complementary approaches:

Third Opinion: An International Directory to Alternative Therapy Centers for the Treatment of Cancer and other Degenerative Diseases by John Fink (Avery, 1997).

Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumers Guide to Non-toxic Treatment and Prevention by Ralph Moss, Ph.D. (Equinox Press, 1992)

An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer by Diamond, Cowden and Goldberg (Future Medicine Publishing, 1997)

For those interested in psychological aspects of cancer:

Cancer as a Turning Point by Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D. (Dutton, 1989)

For those interested in the psychological and spiritual aspects of healing:

Love, Medicine, & Miracles, by Bernie Seigel, M.D. (Harper, 1990)

Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. (Warner, 1991)

For those dealing with the end of life:

Who Dies: An Investigation of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying by (Doubleday, 1989).

Healing into Life and Death by Stephen Levine (Doubleday,1987)

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