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CANCER: Increasing Your Odds for Survival. This Emmy-nominated documentary, hosted by Walter Cronkite, is designed to help people survive cancer. It provides vital information which cancer patients and their families need to make informed decisions. The documentary and book deliver a comprehensive overview of the disease, treatments, latest developments, organizations and resources to assist cancer patients in doing all they can to win their fight against cancer, as well as, improve the quality of their lives.

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Testimonials & Awards
CANCER: Increasing Your Odds for Survival

  • Emmy nominated for best Public Affairs Programming

  • Worldfest 2000 Gold Award

  • "1999 Freddie Awards" finalist in the prestigious International Health & Medical Film Competition.

  • USA Today "Hot Sites" pick

"What a wonderful resource carefully covering all the bases from diagnosis through survival. The individual direction and insights from noted professionals on topics from making decisions to meditation and spirituality are extremely helpful. Inspiring and hopeful, this user friendly series and the Resource Guide will be a "must have" for our agency professionals as well as our clients."

Priscilla Hartung, ACSW
Director of Social Service
Cancer Care, Inc.

About the resource guide:

" extraordinary guide through the journey that faces every cancer patient and family member. This book accompanies a television series of the same name, and if the quality of the production comes even close to that of this exceptional guide, I can recommend this series to every cancer patient, family member, and cancer care team at every hospital in the country."

R. Michael Williams, M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer,
Cancer Treatment Centers of America

" Great job... This is an inspiring look at how to survive one of life's most difficult trials. But my advice is not to wait until you have cancer before taking these lessons to heart. If you apply these insights while you are well, you'll be ahead of the game. This is a valuable look at the medicine of the future, which honors body, mind and soul."

Larry Dossey, MD
Author: Reinventing Medicine and Prayer is Good Medicine
Executive Editor, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

"Having endured the challenge of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, I only wish this information had been available at that time. I spent many hours searching out information, talking to others and weighing the pros and cons of each choice I had to make. The beauty of these videos is the wealth of information available and the way in which it is presented. I liked the holistic approach which included traditional and non-traditional choices without trying to bias the viewer. I would recommend to anyone who either themselves or a family/friend are experiencing cancer to avail themselves of this information."

Jean Festa
Cancer Survivor

"Cancer: Increasing your Odds for Survival is packed with valuable information. This documentary series has helped my patients and their families make informed choices regarding treatment options and coping strategies. I highly recommend it."

Mary Jane Watson, RN, BSN
Home Care and Hospice Nurse

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